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The Pyrenean Sheepdog is probably one of the oldest French breeds, and was spoken of at a conference on sheepdogs in 1893, M. Pierre Megnin described the breed to the National Society of Acclimatisation.

In 1897, Count Henri de Bylandt presented a rough draft of a standard for the breed.

The dog known in its locality as Le Berger des Pyrenees was virtually unknown to the outside world, but the 1914-18 war brought him out of the shadows and into a larger arena than he was accustomed to.

In 1916, the French army recruited the Pyrenean sheepdog with great enthusiasm, this little dog, being highly intelligent and capable of running at great speed was a most suitable candidate for the duties that the army required of him, a 'Communications dog'. Many fell carrying out this dangerous work, it was written that, 'No other French breed has paid such a high ransom of blood as he'

After the war the numbers were drastically diminished, so the shepherds started to rebuild the breed, but were mainly concerned for the herding ability of the Berger and type was of secondary importance,

Around this time a group of devotee's of the Pyrenean sheepdog met in the town of Pau to form a club, and to draw up a standard for the long haired Pyrenean Sheepdog which was presented in 1921 by them for confirmation to the Central Society for the improvement of breeds of dogs in France, and also for the first time gave a description of a smooth -faced Pyrenean Sheepdog, it was also in this year the breed took part in a dog show in Toulouse.

In 1923, breeders and devotees came together and resolved to put into place a more defined and accurate standard for the Pyrenean Sheepdog, their willingness to achieve this brought about unity, and so they founded the Reunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyreneens. This club has remained to this day the main representative club for the Pyrenean Sheepdog in France and also represents three other Pyrenean Breeds.

1925. The Breed gained recognition by the French Sheepdog Club.

1926. The Berger des Pyrenees ( The Pyrenean Sheepdog ) is officially recognised by the French Kennel Club (S.C.C.) and by the Department of Agriculture.

In the same year the breed was allowed to participate in the Paris Show. 

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