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Berger des Pyrénées




Please expect the following sites to be written in the native language for their country

UK Sites:

Kennel Club (Pyrenean page)

Kelltara Pyreneans (Breeder)

Rambaud Berger Pyrenean Sheepdogs (Breeder)

Rozimba Show Dogs


France Réunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyrénéens (France)

Belgium Club Club des amateurs de Bergers des Pyrénées (Belgium)

Finland Club Suomen Pyreneläiset ry (Finland)

German Club Club Berger des Pyrénées (Germany)

Dutch Club Pyreneese Herdershonden Club (Holland)

Swedish Club Club Berger des Pyrénées (Sweden)

American Club Pyrenean Sheepdog (USA)

Breeders around the world: 

American Club Le Berger Bien-Aimé (USA)

France Champ d'Onix (France)

France La Mas de l'Escarène (France)

France La Vie Pastorale (France)

France Pic d'Arbizon (France)

France Roche au Blaireau (France)

Belgium Club Du Pic de Pioulou (Belgium)

Canada Susan Buttivant Chaprral kennels (Canada)

Vallee du Mouton (Austria)

Dutch Club Debut de Reve (Netherlands)


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